IMEX Intersection Upgrade Widening of Existing Road


Liberty Industrial


TCE Contracting Pty Ltd

Contract Duration:

3 weeks

The Project

The IMEX Intersection Upgrade, located at Moorebank Ave, Moorebank NSW, is a part of Moorebank Intermodal Terminal Precinct. The Intersection upgrade, and internal road widening works were required to allow access to site for heavy vehicles and plant required to facilitate the overall construction of the Moorebank Project.

Liberty industrial contracted TCE Contracting to execute the intersection upgrade works which included demolition of existing concrete pavement and metal gate house with construction of new concrete pavement and new widened internal Asphalt road.

The constructed works included new 200sqm of Plain Concrete Pavement (PCP) construction. The PCP was founded on several layers of DGB20 and Lean Mix Concrete (LMC) filled in equal layers not exceeding thickness of 300mm for each layer and was dowelled into the existing surrounding pavement using N16 steel bars followed by detailing with SL92 mesh. In addition, internal road upgrades required for the passage of heavy vehicles and plant were constructed with approximately 2 metres wide either side of a 200-lineal meter existing roadway. Pavement design for the required widening called for subgrade conditioning and 450 mm deep lift DGB20 to be filled in 150mm layers with top AC14 asphalt layer of 50mm thickness & AM00 Spray seal. All works were conducted to be in accordance with RMS specifications.

Further, the internal road to be widened had heritage trees along both sides, additional care was taken while excavating along the road sides to avoid damage to the tree roots.

In order to finish the required works, the concrete pavement and the existing asphalt road was sawcut and excavated down to the required depth. Spoil stockpiling on location was restricted by the client as work site was surrounded by operational warehouses. TCE organised an arrangement that allowed the spoil to get loaded on tippers and dogs & carts as being excavated.

TCE also complete the road furniture associated with the civil works which included Line marking and road signage.

TCE planned and implemented a sediment control plan on site to avoid any contamination to existing drainage system using high quality geo-fabric mechanism.

TCE completed the required demolition and civil works with highest quality standard and within allotted time.